Aug 25, 2010

Back from the Beach: Off to Work

Tide was a bit low but the waves were a lot better than I was expecting. I got some nice shots and was able to get in and ride a few myself. I'm short on time currently because I have work at 3 but here are a few shots. More to come late tonight after work.

Wish I could post an update for Danielle but I have no time. The swell forecast is looking good though. Shots will be fired next week (camera).

Barrel Sequences and More Snaps Coming Late Tonight

Earlier Today
I'll have an updated look at Danielle and some pictures up of today's waves later this afternoon. No pics yet because I'm on the way to the beach now.... updating this post via iPhone.

Good thing is I was able to get off sunday and Monday from work, have to work in the morning on Tuesday though.

Mike C.


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