Aug 18, 2010

Break is Over

Well all I can say is I'm back from my "summer vacation." It's been a while since my last post and unfortunately this summer has been mediocre at best for waves. Guess it was a good time to take a hiatus from the blog.

Good thing is I'm back for hurricane season and from here on out. The gutless 2ft windswell we've been receiving all summer doesn't look good on film and I look like a total creep with a huge lens on the beach in the middle of summer.

Another good thing is that yes, I have some pictures from the Colin swell, unfortunately they are of the second day which if you surfed both days was nothing compared to the first day.

And one more thing to look forward too possibly. A large tropical wave is exiting the African coast and entering the warm waters of the Atlantic. Early models are showing the storm to make a beeline for the Right Coast. Lets hope for a Colin track but a bigger punch.

The Pics

There was some cloud cover the morning I took these pics so apologies for the slow shutter speeds (motion blur)

This one should go in one of those learn to surf books. Stick it in the Surfer Etiquette chapter.


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