Jan 29, 2010

Washout Weather on the Way

It looks like Saturday won't be the best day to whip the camera out and take shots. The Weather Channel is expecting a 100% chance for rain during the morning hours. It also looks like the swell got downgraded a bit but it still looks like it could be a little fun. I'll probably be there with surfboard and camera in hand but I'd rather get the surfboard wet instead of my camera.

Make sure you pick up an edition of The Folly Current Newspaper coming out this February (I believe). Some of my shots from the first swell of 2010 will be in there.

Counting down the days to the water housing arriving. If you see a guy out in the water with swim fins and a camera don't run him over. I will most likely take my camera and housing out in the water on a smaller cleaner day just to get used to it.

Mike C.


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