Jan 18, 2010

First Swell of 2010 Part 2

****Special note regarding Flickr uploads.****
I have been shooting and saving my photos as RAW files. This means I have much more editing power than just saving my photos in camera as JPEGS. Unfortunately this last swell I forgot to set my camera to save both a RAW file and a JPEG for the Internet. Flickr does not support RAW file uploads, only JPEG etc. On the good side I tried to edit the best photos from Sunday of a wide range of people. In short this means the full day of pictures I took will not be posted on the internet. Truly sorry guys. In turn I am going to try and post some more shots of that day in case you havent seen yourself in the previous few I have posted.

Apologies once again,
Mike C.

This morning at The Washout conditions were semi-glassy (minimal bump) with waves running in the 2-3' range with occasional bigger sets. It looked a lot weaker than yesterday with that SW W wind on it all night. Definitely rideable but if you weren't out there you didn't miss much.

After taking some okay (lighting was terrible, direct sunlight in my face) photos at The Washout I decided to check and see what the pier looked like. I only got about 10 saveable shots from The Washout. The pier had a really nice looking longboard/fish wave in the 3' range. Super long rides and you could see the sets coming in from a mile away. Only about 5 longboarders out so lucky for you guys there's a lot of pics.

Overall I think everyone was happy with this first swell of 2010. Looks like we have some more chop/swell to watch out for by the end of the week possibly.

Tonight all the photos will be on my flickr page from both days.** See above explanation.

Pick up the next edition of The Folly Current also. Some of my best surf photos will start showing up in the upcoming weeks.

Mike C.
CD/Picture requests, Email for details.



More from the pier coming******


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  1. hey mike,

    thanks for posting the pics from the pier on MLK day, last monday. cool to see your perspective from the pier. nice to see that day captured.


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