Jan 25, 2010

So... The Forecast for Today

***Apologies for not posting my pics to Flickr yet. I got caught up doing some management homework...lame. Photos will be up on the page in about 10min

FLICKR LINK (photos are not post processed and are of medium quality except a few)

Yeah... All the major surf forecast sites were calling for a more than decent day today. 4-5 foot fair to good conditions was the call but after checking the cam this AM I was slightly let down. The cam usually doesn't do it justice but I didn't think it was worth it. After talking to a few people who were actually surfing this morning my cam observations were correct; it just wasn't that good.

This afternoon 'just wasn't that good' either. It actually looked better yesterday than today. Very windy and drifty conditions. The winds just never turned all the way around. Can't get upset at the surf forecasters though. There were some plus sets rolling through as forecasted, but the winds weren't cooperating at all.

Ill post the few pictures I got today and check the Flickr page; I'll have the photos from yesterday up later tonight. The photos on the Flickr page for the most part are unedited.

Pics will be arriving in a couple of minutes....

Mike C.



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