Jan 20, 2010

Cutting Through the Fog

Here is a little example of the editing I had to do in order for the shots I took Sunday to be acceptable. As you guys and gals know the fog was very thick all day. Usually the sun burns off the remaining morning fog but it stuck around. The sun shining through the fog acts as a diffusing filter that drains all the color out of the shots and leaves the photos looking blown out.


This is the original photo. Look at the white, washed out, blueish tinge the fog is producing.

Here is the same photo but heavily processed to "eliminate" the fog layer. The fog and the direct sunlight is still affecting the quality of the shot but it is much more clearer now. I told you I'd step up my editing skills!

I still have tons to learn about Photoshop and editing my photos to make them look the best. Seems like everyday I learn something new which makes the shots look so much better. Once again I can't thank all of you enough who have given me positive support about my blog and photos.

I have just a few requests left to edit and burn to CD. All CD's will be shipped out by tomorrow afternoon.

Waves are on the horizon.

Mike C.


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  1. I don't like people who bad at photography and good at photoshop, However, PS can be an amazing tool to help bring out the best in something. Nice work.

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