Jan 15, 2010

Sunday Swell

Looks like the brunt of the upcoming swell for the Southeast this weekend will be arriving late Saturday Evening into the early hours of Sunday morning. Very windy conditions are expected out of the south which could mean for some iffy swell conditions along Folly. From the lack of swell we've had it will be definitely worth while to check out.

Along with the wind will be some possible AM thundershowers with off and on showers throughout the morning. Temps will be back up (today was nice) around the 60s, but the water will be pretty cold. Rain, clouds, and onshore/crosshore winds dont make nice pictures. Regardless I'm still planning on being at the beach possibly Saturday afternoon and deff Sunday.

At least FINALLY there will be waves.

All we can ask for is the wind to shift a little more west during the day to hopefully clean up the conditions. The Weather Channel is predicting a little west in the wind throughout Sunday so we might have a slight chance at some better conditions.

Mike C.

The last time we had rideable surf was in 2009. I'm running out of pictures to post. (12/29/09)

Some Camera Talk Below...

Wetsuit isn't here but I've saved up almost enough to upgrade the D40 to either a used D200 or a D5000. Might go for the D200 because of the weather sealed body but the D40 has been doing okay with a plastic bag around it hah. Well see. If we get another good looking swell (like the day after Christmas) I am going to rent a nice piece of glass (lens) to get some high quality shots. Currently I have the 70-300mm Nikkor F4.5 - 5.6. Decent glass for what I paid for but when the time and money comes that too will be upgraded. If anyone knows anyone who wants to get rid of a Nikkor 300mm F4 lens or a 300mm F2.8, email me. Most likely wont be able to fork over the money for the F2.8 but if the price is right I may be able to purchase it.


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