Jan 12, 2010
Looks like we will finally get something worth surfing at the beginning of this weekend. Be prepared tho McKevlins surf report is currently reading the ocean temp at 46 degrees. Thats what happens when we have a deep freeze for over 3 weeks. Regardless I think all of us surfers are going to welcome the much needed swell in with warmer air temps. If the swell does come through looks like it may be on the windy/cross shore side

You guessed it I am wetsuitless still, but rain showers and swell permitting I will be at the Washout this weekend shooting. Even if it is raining I'll still be there, just may be in the car waiting for the shower to pass as not to ruin the camera and lens. Longboarders I may stop by the pier for a bit also.

Tides look like they will be favorable early to mid morning so I'll be out during the AM hours most likely.

Tides For Folly

Saturday (Beginning of Swell)
1st High 825AM
2nd High 828PM

Sunday (Mid-End of Swell)
1st High 858AM
2nd High 904PM

Monday looks like a new swell might fill in with better conditions so watch for that also.

If you have any special requests about shooting or spot locations, email me and we can negotiate a deal.

Mike C.


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  1. Nice shot Mike. Good lighting sensitivity and an especially good moment.

  2. Thanks MD. That day was deff better for taking pictures than riding the waves.

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