Jan 8, 2010

Flat Forever

This is getting bad. When it gets flat like this coupled with below freezing temperatures for weeks on end it reminds me of home (Boston MA). Even if there was surf we'd only last 2 hours at best out there with these temps. Sure you can tough out a few more waves but multiple brainfreezes starts to deteriorate your balance and a kookness feeling settles in. Even Key West is feeling the freeze. They broke a 130+ year record for the coldest recorded local temp.

No where to escape and I'll be back in the college classroom Monday. All around downer situation on hands. At least I get to watch Jersey Shore and get a few laughs. I'm starting to get a laugh every time I check the surf report too. Dare I go on surfline.com. Seems like every time I do some epic swell is about to hit the West Coast. Fun looking at the pictures I guess.

On the real though, I'm overly surprised and thankful for all of the emails and support I've been getting about this web page and my photos. Ive had over 30 people that requested photos from me since the last swell. A lot of effort went into post production of the photos, packing them up, and sending them out. Apologies for not have posting in a while.

Almost have saved up for a new Nikon DSLR camera. My current DSLR is in need of an upgrade. My photo editing is also improving so like I said the photos will keep getting better. I'll for sure be out during the next swell taking shots. And hey, maybe my wetsuit will be back so I can get out there without freezing.

I'll dig some photos up to keep you guys busy while we wait for the next swell.

Mike C.


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