Jan 17, 2010

First Swell of 2010

The waves finally arrived with better conditions than I think everyone was expecting. The wind wasn't howling hard and the drift didn't look bad at all. A bit disorganized but there were some nice looking 4' sets that would roll through. There was some power behind it also. That was the good news. Now for the bad.

Folly wasn't very photogenic this morning. I got to the beach around 830am and was welcomed by a blanket of thick fog over the water. You could barely see the swell from the road, but you could hear it. The fog layer prevented any attempts to get an acceptable shot from the beach. So I went to the pier until the fog started to burn off. The pier allowed me to get some pretty good shots even with the fog.

Washout AM Fog

Folly Pier AM Fog

After the fog started to burn off at the pier I made my way back down to The Washout around 12pm but there was still a layer of haze making it very hard to photograph from the beach. Almost all the pictures that I took from the beach look washed out. It was like shooting through a layer of smoke. But it got minimally better through the afternoon. My editing skills have been stepping up a bit so I was able to cut most of the haze out but some may be a little miss colored from the fog/sun.

Hopefully the swell will linger around until tomorrow AM and I can get some good shots early. Well see. For now enjoy what I got today and if you have questions or comments email me mcassidy.cofc@gmail.com

Photos will be added throughout the day/night so keep checking back.

Mike C.




Haze Boost

Again these are just a select few. Email to negotiate CD requests.

***I think that's all for tonight. I have a couple sequences to edit and of course I'll post all of the shots from yesterday on my flickr page by tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning? Might be good.


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