Jan 24, 2010

Fun Sections Today

Although it was pretty choppy all day there were a lot of fun waves to be had. Steep drops and fast sections made for a good time despite the multiple duck dive brainfreezes. I started shooting around 1 and got some nice shots. I like shooting around that time of day because the sun isn't directly in my face.

It looks like the winds might start cooperating tonight and give some semi glassy conditions tomorrow am. Hopefully the tide won't be too low. Low tide tomorrow is at 9am and high is around 3pm. Regardless we should have some fun surf tomorrow. If it looks good early (8am ish) I'll try and get out there before class to shoot a little and surf.

It was a weird weather day. One minute the sun would be out, the next minute we'd have some dark cloud cover. The photos when the sun was out are better than the ones when the clouds took over. The wind was also creating a little sea spray which caused some hazing.

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Mike C


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