Feb 1, 2010


The forecast looks promising for the week ahead. School will be impacting my surf/photographing schedule this week. Tuesday is a total mess for me, talking about school. Class impacts my Tuesday from 9 in the morning all the way to around 6 that night with only minimal breaks in between. Good thing is that only happens on a Tuesday. Wednesday looks like the weather and swell might cooperate to provide some good shooting conditions for the early morning hours before my classes. The tides don't look favorable for the afternoon hours. If anyone surfed Saturday you know how the tides affect Folly.

Saturday I was watching the cam all day waiting for the tide to come up so hopefully I could get a few good waves in before dark. All day it looked completely flat than all of a sudden the swell jumped from about knee to stomach-shoulder nuggets in about 30 minutes time. It was a shame the weather was so dreary I would have got out of the water to take some shots but I would have risked the camera getting soaked by the rain/mist.

Anyone who was out at The Washout this past weekend had to notice all the damage the dunes suffered from I'm guessing some high tides and sizeable surf. I've never seen them so chewed up before.

Mike C.

Downtown Connector


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