Feb 20, 2010
Monday or Tuesday we might see a little bump roll through. Nothing special though.

To fill up my class schedule I decided to take an intro computer graphic design class.

One of our assignments due last week was to create a magazine cover. The main guideline of the assignment was to have a picture of yourself be the main focus of the cover. Everything else was up to us. So here it is..... I just took my wack profile picture from facebook that I've had for ages.

But what I want to do each good swell that comes through, I'd like to make a magazine cover of the best shot I took and put it up on the blog here. Everyone can check out who made the cover for that swell.

Don't be shy you can leave a comment.....it can even be anonymous.........

Mike C.

Had to crop my friends out of the original and blow it up hence it being blurry. Apologies for the lame pose don't have very many pics of myself.

Guess this is the first surf cover. All made up articles.


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  1. looking good!

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