Feb 24, 2010

Getting Nervous

So I took my water housing in the surf today just to see if it could take the ocean power etc. No camera inside. It did well as expected but I'm still nervous. I mean I'm taking a really expensive camera out in a place where it shouldn't be...the salty powerful ocean. All in all the housing is in very good condition (for being used) and I can't wait for the next swell to roll through so I can put some different pics up on the blog.

I would've taken shots Tuesday but the fog was so thick, all the editing skills in the world wouldn't be able to cut through that haze. On a better note the temperatures have been warming up and it only takes a couple of days for the water to get out of this super cold spell. Can't wait to take off the booties...long way though.

Next clean swell that comes along I'll be out in the water, not with the surfboard but with the camera.

This looks cool...nine timer in 3D

Mike C.


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