Feb 7, 2010

Uh Oh Dunes

As usual the winds howled for a day, winds went off shore overnight, and we had some decent waves Saturday AM. The air temp dropped a lot overnight and it was pretty cold Sat Am. On "film" the waves looked a little small and my fingers were freezing from taking pictures. Once the tide picked up a little it started to look fun so I picked up the board and paddled out with a few guys.

On another note the dunes are in kind of bad shape at the Washout. I mean I haven't seen them like this throughout the four years I've been here. First it was the little wooden dune fences to go along with the dune grass. Then the sand started to erode and expose the rock foundation of the dunes. Now it is just getting worse with every high tide coupled with a nice size swell. Even the walk-overs are getting torn up. Sand pumping in the future? Hope the Washout doesn't get another downgrade like it had after Hugo rolled through (as I'm told).

Depressing forecast for the week ahead...

Mike C.

Broken railing and exposed rocks.

Small but clean. Got bigger but bumpier up until noon.


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