Feb 13, 2010
1130 AM yesterday in Spanish class some kid said the last time he saw snow was 1989. I just laughed being from Massachusetts, home of the Nor'Easter winter storms. Everyone was calling for 3-5" overnight. Personally I wasn't that excited. 3-5" down here means everything closes. Up north 3-5" means nada...everything stays open. 930PM last night the snow started downtown. All of a sudden it was like $100 bills were falling from the sky. Everyone was running outside in some hefty snowfall. It was exciting I admit. When is the next time you're going to see snow down here? 2030?

But of course the storm didn't whip of any surf so all of us are still waiting to get out of this flat spell. Here are some shots of last nights snow.

No tripod and just the 18-55 lens.

Mike C.

Spring St. Downtown

King St Downtown

Waterfront Downtown

The Battery Kinda Blurry

Calhoun and Coming St

Parking Lot

Palm Trees and Snow

Folly Rd Snow (This AM)

Folly Rd (This AM)

This is just down the road from the above picture. Seems like Folly Island mostly got rain. (This AM)

No snow and no waves for Folly. (This AM)


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