Mar 1, 2010

Tuesdays....... Again

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Why do the waves always come on a Tuesday. As some of you know from my previous Tuesdays..... post, my class schedule is unbearable on Tuesdays. Classes from 925am to 630pm with only small breaks in between. Good thing is clocks go ahead the 14th (I think) so I'll be able to get out during the late afternoon to take some shots when the "next Tuesday swell" comes.

Hey at least we get to check out the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast though. Just a couple days ago they had a lay day not because of flatness or bad waves; Australia had a tsunami warning. Yup, the contest was held off a day due to an incoming tsunami from the devastating earthquake that hit Chile. Thankfully the tsunami was basically a no show for the Gold Coast and the contest resumed the next day with some pretty spectacular conditions.

Quiksilver Pro 2010

I'm really hoping the waves stick around Wednesday morning.

Mike C.


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