Mar 31, 2010

Pro Glass

That's right I have ordered a true "professional" lens. It is the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR lens to be exact. This baby retails for nearly $2,500. I'll be renting it for a photo shoot I have this weekend (non surf related) and I'll be holding on to it for a week. Lets really pray for some surf to roll through though because I'd love to try it out on the beach.

On the other hand I hear over at the Thomos Brothers Production studio, they are conjuring up a new surf video. I just sent some footage over. Hope it makes the cut. Look for it to come out later tonight or tomorrow.

Exclusively At
A Thomas Brothers Production

College of Charleston Marketing 301 at its best....

Joking aside, lets really hope for some rideable surf this upcoming week, I'm going to have some nice glass.

Mike C.


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