Mar 12, 2010

Haven't Had This In a While

Finally we had some really good waves this AM and it looks like it's going to stick around till dark. The conditions for waves were perfect. The conditions for shooting pics was a different story for the AM. It was super cloudy, foggy, and drizzly. Not ideal but I had to take some pics. They look okay; a little sun would have helped though.

I'm going to post a few now and then a bunch tonight.

Camera Talk:
If you are up on your photography terms the pictures below are going to be a little "noisy" or "grainy" due to the high ISO I had to use in order to freeze the action. Lighting was bad early this AM so ISO's hovered around 800-1000 for a good chunk of the morning.

Mike C.

Edit: Posting new photos now (7:24PM)

Blahhhh. The pics I took this afternoon are going to have to wait. I shot RAW as opposed to JPEG and I need to download a plug-in and do some other crazy stuff so Photoshop will recognize the RAW files. Tomorrow I'll put them up. Might put up a little video tonight.


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