Mar 13, 2010

More Shots And a Video...Soon

***The video is here*** Scroll down to watch it. This is the raw version. No audio. I am going to further edit it down.

I was kind of disappointed when I was looking over the photos I took yesterday. There were a lot of pictures that were just too dark or hazy to even fix because of the cloud cover and fog all day. Most of the pictures in this post were taken yesterday afternoon. If I find some more gems from the morning I'll put them up here.

The video feature I guess has better light sensitivity so I started the session off yesterday morning with video. This is the second video I have ever made so bear with me.

This camera is also made for taking still pictures not necessarily video, so quality is also an issue.
No tripod either. I need to invest in one to get better video.

I'll be putting more shots of throughout today and tomorrow if I find them

Mike C.

Raw Video. Semi Unedited.


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  1. looked fun in the a.m.

  2. great shots - some fun waves!
    ellison - killing it on that little fishy!

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