Aug 2, 2011

We Need to Watch Emily

Currently, computer models are forecasting Emily to come very close to our coastline towards the end of the weekend.  Some models are predicting she could be come a category 1 storm.  She is still far away but residents from North Carolina to Florida need to keep a close eye on her path.

Nothing much has changed overnight in terms of organization.  If anything she has slowed and began to meander a bit.  Later today she will get back on track moving W NW with little strengthening expected due to some drier weather ahead of her.  Later this week she is expected to be impacted by a trough forcing her on a more northerly path; straight toward us.

If she gets too close to us the surf is going to be stormy and we'll probably experience some heavy rains and coastal flooding.  But if she stays off our coast we could see a quick shot of surf.  Emily will be moving at a quick pace by the time she reaches our coast so unless Emily stalls out the surf won't last long.

Right now it's hard to tell what kind of surf we will get because it is hard to tell how close she will get to the coast.  I'm assuming that is why many of the forecast sites are calling for nothing right now.

Remember though, to keep a close eye on this storm as we get closer to the weekend.



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