Aug 24, 2011
Irene is expected to lash out at the Bahamas today/tonight as a Category 4 Hurricane with sustained winds of 140mph.  The good thing is that Irene's eye wall will track to the east of the Bahamas.  That means the strongest winds will not impact the islands but don't take that statement lightly.  Winds well over hurricane force are still going to hit.

After Irene crushes the Bahamas she is expected to turn more northerly towards the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

***This map updates automatically as new data becomes available***
Right now it looks like South Carolina will dodge a direct hit from Irene.  Friday we could see tropical storm force winds along our coast, flooding, and periodic torrential rain.  Throughout Friday night, Irene will swiftly move northward.  We will feel the back half of Irene Saturday.  This will mostly be a wind event....blowing straight offshore.


There are waves lapping up on our shore right now from Irene.  Yup they are small but today is the day we begin to see some ground swell fill in.  Remember with a ground swell we need a good incoming tide in order to feel the full effects of the waves.  Shallow water will kill a ground swell so in theory more tide the better.

Today's Waves (Wednesday)

Expect building conditions to about waist high+.

Thursday Waves

Judging how it looks out there right now (Wednesday at 12pm) I think we are going to have some fun waves Thursday.  Consistent waist+ waves building to probably head high+. 

Friday's Waves

Depends how close Irene gets but Friday will most likely be the biggest day because that is when all the swell Irene pushed our way hits us.  I'd say over-my-head plus peaks but wind conditions don't look that good.

Saturday Waves

Get out early for a rapidly cleaning/dropping leftover session.  Judge the size by how big the waves are Friday.

This is depressing but I have work every single day throughout this whole swell event.  I don't have to be at work until 4pmish but still a major hindrance to the blog at me surfing.  I am going to try and work something out.  But guess what?  Justin over at FollyHood has the whole damn thing off so I'm sure he will be posting pictures galore. 



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  1. any photos yet? two days of solid swell!!!

  2. yes photos coming now

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