Aug 1, 2011
So much for saying Emily will just 'skirt' along the islands of the Caribbean Sea.  Looks like she is going to blast her way across all of them.  Flooding is expected for most of the islands.  Don't go off and buy your tickets to Puerto Rico.  This isn't the storm. 

Maximum sustained winds are currently 40mph gusting to around 50mph.  Emily will be traveling over a mix of land and water over the next week which will stifle any real development.  Nonetheless upper level conditions remain favorable so she is expected to hold her tropical storm title until reaching mostly open waters South of the Bahamas.  When she reaches that point she is expected to form into a hurricane due to the 90 plus degree Caribbean Sea, possibly impacting the Bahamas and southern Florida.

After possibly impacting S. Florida she is expected to turn more northerly, away from the US coastline.  This is all going to happen later this weekend into next week.  Depending how she impacts S. Florida and how close/far she gets from our coast, will depend on what type of waves we get.

Keep an eye on the tropics everyone.



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