Aug 5, 2011

Could We See a Resurrection?

Oh yes we can.  The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is giving what remains of Tropical Storm Emily a high chance to form back into a tropical cyclone.  The storm has nearly made it across the high terrain of Hispaniola and now is moving back across warm open waters.  Another good sign is that upper level winds this weekend are looking good to possibly organize Emily once again into a tropical storm.

Here is something else to ponder.  The Cape Verde hurricane season is upon us and the Climate Prediction Center is showing signs of it beginning very soon.  Below you can see a large white and red region just off the coast of the Antilles.  This means that there is a a moderate chance for tropical storm formation; AKA things are looking good for storms to form.  Water is warm, air is moist, and upper level winds are looking decent.

All eyes will be watching if Emily can come back from the dead this weekend.



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  1. Next time don't start predicting until the day before. You are giving me a headache!

  2. thanks for jinxin it kook! its one thing to get excited but come on. We all know the same sites you go to and look at forecast and hurricane info you dont need to copy all of it to here. i thought this was a photog blog?>>!@#@ stick to what you know.

  3. Well people shouldnt get your hopes up for this weekend, it might give us a little something but not much. "THIS SYSTEM HAS A HIGH CHANCE...60 PERCENT...OF REGENERATING INTO A TROPICAL CYCLONE DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS AS IT MOVES TOWARD THE NORTHWEST AND NORTHWARD AT 15 MPH". And maybe you guys that are critical should do your own research if you don't like Mike's.

  4. Well it's pretty obvious where I get all my hurricane info from...I usually always say sources or quote something from whatever site I'm getting my info from...duh.

    So the proper term would be paraphrasing.

    It's blows my mind how many people say 'this is a surf photo blog idiot.' No crap. Key word though is "SURF" In order for there to be pictures we must have surf. Seriously that one is getting old.

    Finally I like to summarize what all of the forecasters are saying and how it could relate to our beach.

    Jinxing it? I'm too old for that stuff this isn't Harry Potter.

    I like when I get comments :) And CVS is stocked up with plenty of Tylenol if you got a headache.

  5. Thanks Mike!

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