Aug 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Hit and Run

I really shouldn't call it a hit and run 'cause we had good waves the past few days but I was really expecting waves this morning due to the fact it was maxing out at 10+ feet yesterday.  The offshore wind was totally bittersweet.  Yeah, it was clean to an extent yesterday but a 30mph offshore wind sucks.  Too strong.

As I'm going to the beach yesterday I hit a block of traffic with no sign of outgoing traffic.  I thought to myself this is great they closed the beach.  No the beach wasn't closed but a powerline went down right across the first bridge.  Lame.

I still made it though, and saw this....


That's it haters.  I had to go to work.

Surfed at the pier? Wanna see if you made the cut?  You're answer lies here: FollyHood.  I wish I surfed the pier judging by Justin's shots.

WARNING: This is a random thought that has nothing to do with surfing:
So North Carolina is currently getting railed by Hurricane Irene and now basically everyone north of NC is bracing for impact.  As you know it is very difficult to predict where hurricanes will travel over the next several days when they first form in the tropical Atlantic.  That way of thinking goes out the window when a hurricane gets closer to the US Coastline.  There are many factors that play into where a hurricane will travel over the next few days when it gets close to the coast that are easily interpreted by computer models and forecasters to determine where a storm will end up.  A good example of what I am trying to say is going on right now.  Have you seen Hurricane Irene's 5 Day Forecast Cone lately?  Well it is pretty narrow.  I mean there is only one way to go which is north.  It's just how it works.

Okay, so what?  

I'm at work last night and it is pretty slow (I valet at a hotel).  Everyone thought the hurricane was going to hit and everyone stayed home.  At times like these when I get bored I go and turn on the radio.  Sometimes its classic rock, sometimes it's rap or today's hits but last night it was talk radio.  Living in the south means you are subjected to listening to Rush, Shnitt, Savage, or some other meatball that fits into the above group.  I listen solely for entertainment.  

Michael Savage is my favorite meatball to listen to.  His abrasive, sarcastic way of explaining things is funny to me.  Best part of his show for sure are his troll listeners that call in and say the stupidest crap ever.  He is so out there with his way of thinking it's hilarious.  

But last night he pissed me off.  Why, is because he kept bashing news stations for covering Hurricane Irene.  It started off funny when he began talking about the reporters that get blasted by wind on the beach.  Then he tried to put on his meteorologist hat and continued to tell his listeners to stop worrying about the storm.  He went on by saying things like, news stations just want ratings, it isn't going to hit any land, "I've been saying this the whole week" (that's his favorite thing to say), it is going out to sea, it won't hit New York, Bloomberg is a leftist freak for shutting down the mass transit.....  

Going out to sea?  Seriously Savage?  Not a good time to act like a meatball this is a seriously dangerous storm.

Complete idiot.
The sad thing is these complete idiots that listen to his show and completely believe anything he says are probably saying to themselves, "Mandatory evacuation!  I'm not letting Obama tell me what to do! I can't wait to call into Savage and tell him they are kicking me out of my house now!!"  Well you won't be calling when the power is out and all your crap floated out to sea because you let a meatball make your decisions for you.  Seriously Savage you are a complete idiot.

Come on Invest 91!



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