Aug 10, 2011

It Did Turn Out to Be A Good Day

Unfortunately I have a job that most of the time requires me to work during odd hours.  I was working all day Sunday and didn't get out to the beach until 7pm.  It was heart wrenching to look at the surf cam at 3pm and see everyone having fun on their Sunday off.  All I could do is tell myself there will still be waves when I get off work (an hour before sunset and basically dead low tide).

On the way  I saw cars with boards on their roofs leaving the beach with exhausted occupants inside.  It was a terrible feeling.  When I finally got to the beach it was basically as low as it could get.  Only thing left was a few waist high close out barrels.  But it was still blowing off shore! So I shot a few pictures out of frustration just for you guys, gathered up my board and ran down to the water.  Jumped in and all of a sudden the wind started howling.  Not offshore anymore though.  Straight on.  The stupid jellyfish started stinging me and and by this time everyone was out of the water. I was the only idiot riding, now, waist high mush ball closeouts. 

Don't get me wrong I still had fun so haters don't say, "Kook probably doesn't even surf or go to the beach anymore."  It's easy to tell when everyone is getting frustrated with the surf.  There is a direct correlation to the amount of haters posting on the blog to the amount of days of no surf.  I am glad everyone had fun though.  You needed that.

At least I was making money at work while you people were surfing.

I took 8 pictures at 7pm Sunday.  Three are "worthy" of posting.

Look off the coast of Africa.  Somethings coming...   



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