Jul 29, 2011

Large Tropical Wave Located

You are looking at Low Pressure System 91Just yesterday I nearly spoke too soon about the 2011 tropical storm season.  But as I was about to write off the middle part of the season, 91 popped up.  Right now she doesn't look too appealing but if you look closely you can see some circular organization.  

The NHC is calling this a, "large tropical wave accompanied by a well-defined low pressure system."  Yay! The current location of Invest 91 is off the Eastern coast of the Lesser Antilles, where all the big ones are born.  Forecasters are giving a medium chance for development into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hoursThis is a very good sign.  Upper level atmospheric conditions are also favorable for further development.

Invest 91 is expected to track W NW over the next several days.  Another very good sign.

Sit back and let's see what unfolds over the next week.  Of course as new reports come out by the NHC, I will be quick to update here on Folly Surf Photography.


sources; nhc, wunderground


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  1. 70% chance as of now

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