Jul 27, 2011

Is It Only Me?

Or are you getting a little worried about the tropical season too?  It's basically August and we've only had, what, 3 named storms? 

Nothing on the radar for us....yet

Ok.  So that is how I started this post off.  But then I said to myself, "Mike do a little research before you stress people out."

According to the hurricane archives, up until this time last year (2010 season) we only had 3 named storms and two tropical depressions. This is basically identical to what is going on now.  We are nearing the end of July and I hate wishing the summer away but we are about a month away from true hurricane season...still.  The big storms start gearing up around mid-August and then in September things really begin to blow up.  

If you already knew that; good for you but I was getting stressed for a minute.

Random waves were spotted yesterday morning into the afternoon.  I was able to capture a few below.

\/ \/ \/ Tuesday, July 27th Waves \/ \/ \/

This point it began to rain and I just wanted to surf.



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