Jul 18, 2011

It Does Matter! Tropical Storm Bret

I feel like a real weatherman now.  I totally underestimated Invest 98 saying, 'it doesn't really matter." Well obviously like true weatherman fashion I got it all wrong.  Number 98 turned into Tropical Storm Bret basically over night.  The storm is currently located off the NW coast of the Bahamas expected to travel N NE over the next several days. 

Development beyond tropical storm status is not expected.  Upper level atmospheric conditions aren't letting it happen.  Bret is no monster but a storm is a storm so expect a punchy waist plus swell tomorrow.  Local Folly winds for tomorrow morning are looking decent for the arriving swell.  

Now I never condone skipping out on work but hey, it's the 'first' tropical swell.  Call in and say you got the D.  On the other hand my weatherman skills showed their colors in my last post.  Whatever happens I'll be out there in the AM.

Here are some pictures from this morning!

Remember the high tides and beach erosion last year?  Here we go again.  One good thing is all that extra sand is off the beach now.

Representin' Follyhood!!!!

sources: NHC, Wunderground

All photos shot with my decrepit 70-300 which loves contrasty shots.  Nikon D300s

See you tomorrow 



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