Jun 9, 2011

Tropics Have Awaken and So Have I

I told you people I wasn't going anywhere.  Seriously I think about the blog all the time.

As you probably all know the Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun.  Forecasters are predicting an above average amount of tropical storms this season.  Sounds good.

Invest 94L

I believe this is the first storm of the season the NHC has been tracking.  The past few days 94L fizzled out but she's back in action.

As you can see 94L is located just below Cuba and is expected to meander across the Caribbean over the next few days.  Winds are currently 30mph and the storm is moving northward.  Upper level winds are currently unfavorable for any sort of development in the near term but conditions may improve for potential strengthening over the next few days.  From what I see, I don't think anything worth freaking out about is going to happen.  When a storm has to travel over that much land it can't gather up what it needs the most; water.  But once 94L gets into the open Atlantic things may improve depending on local winds.

What about Folly?

Many of the surf forecasters are predicting some surf arriving this weekend with the best stuff on Sunday.  Awesome, crowds galore.  Depending on the strength of this storm, right now were only expected to experience a windswell event.  Personally I think it will be a little better than windswell.  Local winds will be light and I think well see a more medium period swell.  Just my intuition speaking.
Seriously though, we haven't had any waves for a while so I'm pretty pumped up for the potential for some waist plus waves. 

Depending how the forecast holds, I will try to get out as early as possible to take a few shots with the camera.  High tide on Sunday will be around 5AM.  Not good because I'll only be able to catch the beginning of the afternoon tide thanks to work. 

Let's hope for the best.



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  1. Welcome Back.
    Any photos of this weekend?

  2. Of course not this blog is a joke.

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