Jun 15, 2011
But this blog sucks!  I'm gathering clips together to build up a little video.  I just don't have enough yet and my camera had one bar of battery life.  Couldn't find my charger if my life depended on it.  Bought a new one now so it's all good.

A goal of mine this hurricane season is to take more video and give in depth analysis of incoming swells.  I have learned a lot from last season.

For now all is quiet in the tropics and we must wait.  A possibility for some chop will 'fill in' over this weekend.

Justin over at FollyHood has some pics of last weekend.  Check the links on my sidebar.

Watch for detailed analysis of tropical swells and a video after the next swell.



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  1. hows abouts a frame grab or two
    peace and love

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