Dec 2, 2010

This is my Anniversary Month

Don't freak girls I'm not married.  I'm talking about the blog here.  Just about a year ago I started this little surf blog.  December 19th was the official day.  Admittedly it's when I was terrible both at surfing and taking pictures.  I grew up snowboarding every single winter, every single weekend up North. When I came to CofC I found out the closest mountain was a good 6 hours away.  It didn't click until the summer going into my last year at CofC but I strolled down to McKevlins and just straight up bought a ...Lost Round Nose Fish.  The rest can be remembered through this little blog. 

By no means is my surfing comparable to most nor my photography but through this blog I've met a lot of cool people and done some pretty amazing things.  Throughout the month I'll post some of my favorite pictures, some of my favorite posts, and whatever comes to mind that happened over the past year.  Think the feature film the Thomas Brothers are diligently working on.  (I saw the trailer're gonna be blown away when you see it.)

All the mushy stuff is over with for this post.  Surf talk below.

I probably have the worst wetsuit tan in the Southeast.  It seems like I'm always saying, "We finally got some waves" but the thing is we're always waiting for the waves to come; sometimes for months.  So I got to the beach at 9am deemed it wasn't good enough to take pictures due to the strong cross/offshore wind and said, "Eh I'll surf till like 11 cause it sucks out here." 

At 930am (low tide) sets were pushing the waist+ range with some low tide barrels.  Good thing was it was closing out like it usually does when it's that low.

I never expected I was going to stay in the water until 130p.  Still in the water, I was starting to feel the effects of food deprivation.  I really wanted a cheese-steak sandwich from Surf Bar.  After satisfying my hunger I took some shots around high tide.  Conditions were getting better but the surf had dropped significantly from the late am/middle of the day.  Again like I said yesterday I'm only an average 5'8" but at the peak of the day some head high waves were pushing through.  A little peaky and super offshore but it was a solid day of surf.

The Shots.  All are post 2pm from yesterday...I think

I'm putting more up later.  I'm starving now

Mike C


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  1. Pop a link to follyhood in your links on the right, tired of scrolling down to the last post.

    Thank you

  2. I'm kind of confused by your request.

    You know you can just type follyhood in your browser and I'll bet a milli that FollyHood will be in your recently visited web sites. Just point and click.

    Or you could just take out the 'surf' in my url and add 'hood.' Not a hard web site to remember. That seems a little too complicated though...

    But yeah I understand where you are coming from. I've been meaning to put a link up to Justin's blog. He's been putting up some good stuff.

    Laziness is the new norm, obesity is an American disease, and some new study says marijuana slows the development of lung cancer.

    Yeah... so where are the waves?

    hope your smiling after reading all that. don't take it all to your head. I might put the link on the left.

  3. I'm OCD and have to follow the same path the first time I went to that site,follyhood, from what ever site I was on, being yours. Thanks for hooking a brother up.

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