Dec 26, 2010

 Snow, freezing winds, 40 degree water, inconsistent waist+ sets, made for a barely worth it session today.  After looking at the extended forecast though I said to myself I'm going to regret not getting in the water.  Yes I had a few fun waves but it was so inconsistent that sitting in the water waiting for a 'set' wave was surely not worth it in hind sight.  I had my hood, suit, boots, and gloves on and I was still freezing. At least I can say I surfed when it was snowing....not that cool.

Not like last year (see picture 2 posts down)

I have some more but we'll see about that.

Mike C


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  1. take the negative vibes somewhere else bra! I was snowed in out of town, watching the camera itching to surf and couldnt. You should be blessed for everyday and every wave you get to catch.

  2. Trust me Anon, when I rolled up to the beach I was stoked. When I caught a wave; it instantly warmed me up from my toes to head. Truly a blessed feeling my bra. But my objective with this blog is to keep it real. And on the was damn really, extremely, incredibly, cold.

    I grew up just outside of Boston aka spent 20 years of my life getting snowed in. Grab your snowboard and a shovel, make a snow ramp off the roof of your house, big snow plow bank or hill, build a kicker, and launch over your road or other obstacle. Even better walk to your local golf course, find a hill, and treat the greens as tabletops (no shovel required)!!

    Getting snowed in? With a little determination it can be actually... Fun!!

  3. you have more patience than me, Mike. Dude comes on your blog and tells you to take it somewhere else?!

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