Dec 21, 2010

Folly Surf Photos First Year Up!

The title is a play on my first post named "Folly Surf Photos First Day Up" a year ago

I know I said for my anniversary month I was going to post some cool stuff that I've posted over the past year but I was knocked down by the flu for the past 3 or so days.  I'm better now so that's good.

It's official though, Folly Surf Photography is One Year and 2 Days Old!!!  Over that time the blog has received 51,695 visitors!!  Let's keep this going for another 50,000 visitors.  I'm not going anywhere I love Folly even though the waves are terrible most of the time.  I've met too many cool people and taken too many amazing photos to pack up and go somewhere else.

Seriously though the major reason I post these posts is to make you guys, the readers happy.  The most joy I get is when someone randomly comes up to me and says, "Hey are you Mike C? I loved those pictures you just put up awesome work!"  I love that and comments like those are the fuel behind Folly Surf Photography.

From the bottom of my heart, for real, thanks so much for making all of this possible everyone.

Maybe well get some gifts from Santa like last year.

Last Christmas
Mike C


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