Aug 15, 2012

Said the Same Thing Last Year

So last late July I posted that I was getting a little concerned with the tropical storm season.  About 2 weeks after I posted my bothered outlook Hurricane Irene, a Cat 4 storm, flared up.

Well lets just say I am a little more worried than last year.  It's mid August and we've had like 3 named storms that had the  potential to push swell our way.  The storm out in the Atlantic now is forecasted to do something I've never seen this time of year.  Models are predicting the storm to backtrack on itself and head back East.  

There is some more pulses coming off of Afica but the Saharan Dry Air Layer sucks for any storm development.  

Here is the two week tropical outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.



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  1. Stick to taking pictures...because you get an F in forecasting.

  2. The Climate Prediction Center would love to hear your opinions about their forecasts. It's the weekend be happy!

  3. Haters goin a hate!

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