Aug 31, 2012
Leslie and Kirk Satellite

Redemption for this lackluster season could be arriving as soon as Tuesday next week for us.  Model consensus is steering Leslie West and then begins to shift on a more WNW track as the Atlantic ridge weakens.  Depending on the strength of this ridge will determine the size of the surf.  A weaker ridge will allow Leslie to slowly curve NW in between Bermuda and the Eastern Seaboard.  If the ridge is stronger she will curve North closer Bermuda.  Either way we are expected to see a long period ground swell impacting much of the coast next week due to Leslie steadily strengthening and her trot Westward.

Here’s a scenario to look forward to.

Leslie is moving at a quick 15+ knots as of right now.  But as she begins to interact with the ridge to the North of her more and more, she will slow gradually.  Many of the computer models have her coming to a near dead stop nearly parallel to Folly Beach….and even strengthening while she lays.  If that happens do I even need to say the rest?

Once she stalls out on Wednesday it's a toss up where she is going to fly off too.  The ensemble models show how confused the computers are post day 5.



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