Nov 14, 2010

Massive Disappointment

We should have known better.  With such a long period NE angled swell how could we have thought that type of swell would wrap into our coastline?  It seems with every incoming swell we forget about the dreaded continental shelf that shaves down and refracts (negatively) every long period swell trying to push into the Southeast.

What made things even worse was the hype.  Never ever believe the hype ever again.  Bad things happen when a swell is hyped to the magnitude we saw of this previous 'swell.'  The amount of people in the water Saturday was ridiculous.  The Washout was packed beyond capacity and the waves were terrible. 

Pictures?  Yeah I got some pictures but before I took some I thought to myself when I was in the water, "Is it even worth taking pictures?  Is it just better to stay in the water and get run over by funboards?"  I opted to stay in the water most of my time at the beach. But I did take a few shots.

One good thing did happen at Folly this weekend though.  Las Olas surf shop decided to organize a paddle out for Andy Irons this morning (Sunday).  Rest peacefully Andy. 

All photos below are from Saturday...

I was so tapped out by the sight of the dreadfully small waves I started taking bad photos staring directly into the sun

Hampton was the happiest guy out riding his new longboard.  Only if we all brought our longboards Saturday. 

Of the 40 or so photos I took Saturday it took me like 30 minutes to choose which of them I was going to put up here on the blog.  They all were so terrible and reminded me of the night before forecast "head high glass" and arriving at the beach early the next morning and getting shocked by the sight of knee high blahness.

Blah is a good way to describe this weekend and the upcoming forecast of flatness. 

This is the most depressing post I have ever written!  I'm going to go curl up next to my broken ...Lost Rocket and hibernate.  Leave a message to let me know when the waves come back.  Goodnight.

Mike C


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  1. It was so worth the drive to florida


    Ya, FL was the call.

  3. Those are indeed some nice waves.

  4. I drove over to Folly from GA. I must say I was dissappointed also. Saturday was okay, but Sunday was just pitiful. I hate driving 6 hours only to get one day of surfing in.

    BTW, just found your Blog. Thanks for posting and keep it coming for us landlocked boys.

  5. I live in Atlanta and toyed with driving to Folly for this swell; glad I didn't. Definitely wouldn't have been worth the 10+ hour round trip. Keep up the good lowcountry surf posts.

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