Nov 10, 2010

Forecast is Holding

Usually good forecasts for our area come and go.  By the time the swell actually gets here everything blows up in our faces.  Listen.  We are still pretty far away from Saturday but with such large weather systems (high pressure over the US and the big storm in the Atlantic) it's going to be pretty tough for conditions to change drastically.  One thing is for sure.  Waves will arrive.  Local winds are looking good but we all know what can happen. 

Yipes!! Forecast for S-Turns, North Carolina.  Winds will be howling onshore at 30 plus.  I retract my previous statement that North is where it's at.  Obviously the size is there though...
Here at Folly we'll be closer to the head high range.  Seaweed has the ground swell running at a 16 second interval.  Yes that is for Folly Beach.  I don't think I've ever seen that high of an interval forecasted for here.

Central Florida will greet this swell nearly head on.  The swell will be much larger down there compared to here.  Local winds are still up in the air unfortunately for the Sunshine State.  Currently it looks like most of Florida will have some cross shore/onshore conditions.  Hopefully it cleans up down there. 

I hate saying it but we might have the best conditions once again like Earl. Crowds at the Washout. FUN. 

Drive to Florida!

What do I know though?

Mike C.  


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  1. we got farked

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