Sep 3, 2012

Las Olas Show and NEW LENS COMING!

The lighting was absolutely horrendous in the back of Juanita's as you can figure.  No flash during runway shows so it was real tough getting acceptable photos (only true boss photographers adhere to this rule, all others are sub-humans).  And there was this weird light pointed at the models legs that made them look half Avatar half human.  Weird colors all over the place.  All in all I was able to salvage most.

To see the rest of the photos go to Folly Surf Photography on Facebook and LIKE the page!!

And I bought a new LENS!!!!!!!!!!  It is coming Wednesday just in time for the swell.  I'm really excited so you kooks better be ripping cause I'm bustin shots and shootin video.  Let's get it.

Oh it's a Nikon 70-200 VR.  And I'm coppin a TCE-20 III teleconverter so I can morph it into a 400mm.  BOSS SHIT.



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