Jun 6, 2012

I Have a Good Reason for the Delay

As the cycling community would call it, I got "doored" Friday night riding my bike home from work.  Basically it was just like the movies only I wasn't the actor I was the stuntman taking the top of a car door directly to my chest cutting it wide open along with my leg, and hand.  Not to mention enough whiplash to my neck to where I couldn't lay my head down without feeling like a little man was pulling all the muscles out of my shoulder and neck.  Hurt like hell to say the least and I was out of commission for a few days.

But the waves were fun from Beryl!  And I got out at sunrise when the barrels came out to play. Pics below.

Thats what happens when the top edge of a car door  tries to behead you.  Day after.  Screw stitches.

PS keep an eye on The Surfers Journal....


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