Apr 22, 2011

Anyone Notice?

This spring has been beatiful in terms of weather and the surf is starting to fill in.  But what I was really talking about was the fact that two out of the three songs I used for my videos are now in the top 100 airplay worldwide.  Martin Solveig with 'Hello' and Foster the People with 'Pumped up Kicks.'  Music has always been my number one passion and many of you don't know but I actually have been DJ'ing downtown and the such for many years.

Sony music if you want to hire me as an executive shoot me an email.

But now since it is basically summer time I tend to slow down the posts.  Sure we get surf during the summer months but honestly I'd rather be chilling on the beach and not worrying about shooting a half ass hack on a mushed out 2ft wave.  It's kind of like my summer vacay if you will. 

Don't stress if there are some good waves out there you know I'll be on it.  Hurricane season is just around the corner.  Remember last year?  If not take a look at my archives.  You know I'll be out for the next Earl.

So everyone enjoy the summer, good luck on finals, and hey, maybe well get a day worth shooting some photos this weekend.

Mike C.


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  1. Anyone notice how lame this blog is.

  2. Yeah i liked it better when it was any and all pictures, not just the perfect lighting/trick/tide/swell/wind combo. There isn't an online surf report for folly (other than surfline) and this blog used to be a go to website every time there were waves, not anymore. My 2 cents.....

  3. Jeeze we need some waves first people. I was going to take pics Friday AM but I had a fever and couldn't get out of my bed.

    Might have some waves tomorrow...


    Mike C

  4. I knew you'd give up on this blog someday. You worked so hard and were so excited about it in the beginning. Funny how things happen. Do you even surf anymore??

  5. Haha i think thats the problem, when the waves are good Mike likes to surf instead of sit on the beach and snap shots of everyone else..... Can you blame him? This is a surfing blog after all and in the past 6 months i have paddeled out about 3 times, no waves means no pictures. Maybe mix it up a bit with some random shots every once in a while so people dont forget about the website.

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