Mar 8, 2011

Keep you Entertained

I've gathered a bunch of clips and shots over the past few weeks.  This is the post you'll see most of them.  I am still torn up after missing out on Sundays barrel session.  Blah, here are some pictures.

Friday 3/4

Friday started off with the hope of some sizable windswell changing to cleaner conditions late in the day.  Didn't really materialize with only few people out not doing much. Kiteboarder was having fun though....

...After leaving the Washout, driving on Folly Road, hoping for some clean waves in the future I witnessed several of these whizzing by me...

...A good rule of thumb when determining to turn around and follow the fire trucks is when you've never even seen that type of rescue truck before.  So I turned around and as I was coming over the last little Folly Bridge I saw this at the boat launch...

...A full on rescue was in progress by the time I got back to Folly.  Boats being launched, helicopters in the air, and ambulances at the ready.  Here's what was at stake...

...The capsized boat you see in the foreground was carrying two people in it.  When it capsized the two men fell into the river.  Usually the Folly River is relatively calm but waves and wind that afternoon made it very hard for a small boat to navigate safely.  The strong incoming tide didn't help either.  With the wind blowing one direction and the tide going in the other; it only complicated the rescue efforts.  Fortunately one of the occupants that fell off the boat was picked up by rescue personnel.  The other man was still presumed missing...

 ...Although an extensive rescue was attempted the second man was not found in time.  An official investigation into the accident where one man died, is still ongoing...

Saturday 3/5

Saturday afternoon at the Washout.  Waves were much bigger and the wind turned more squarely onshore so the drift chilled out.  (Some photos required ISO's above 400 ('noise','sketch colors')


Don't want to talk about it.  BAHHHHH Stupid work.


You know how I told you I was going to make Sunday up to you people?  Well I freakin tried.  I bit the bullet and woke up at the crack of dawn hoping there would be swell left over from Sunday afternoon.  Yeah...

I like doing posts like this.  Maybe more like this to come in the future.  I heard Bryant over at Thomas Bros Blog got some footage of Sunday afternoon.  Keep an eye on it.

Mike C 



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