Nov 24, 2018

Back Again Saturday Waves

Aviation photography consumes most of my time these days but when the airplanes are on vacation I head to the beach.  All below photos are from Saturday 11-24-18.

Follyhood is that you??? Kinda looks like Justin I dunno tho.

Feb 17, 2018


Ayo.  Went to SEWE and took a pic of a hawk.

No surf so I like taking pictures of things that fly or move fast.

Mike C
Feb 4, 2018
Long story short...I had to send everything back I bought from eDigital.  The camera, the lens, battery grip, everything.  Lens was damaged, camera sensor was faulty (spot on images), missing manuals, terrible service etc. They accepted my return and I said screw it and bought even better equipment.

Scroll down to the bottom for more details about how shady eDigital is.

We haven't been getting much surf so I went to the Sk8 Charleston! Now, I'm not too keen on action night photography yet but I promise I'll get better at it!  Please, if you know the guys in the shots, let them know where to find themselves. I'll deff be going back!

My Instagram for instant updates for where I am and when I post new content.

Once I figure out how to make gifs without imgflip the quality will be much higher

Thanks Sk8 Charleston and the skaters who gave me something to shoot.

Mike C

They sent the camera and lens separately which doesn't seem like a big deal but a lens that is over a G, supposedly lost in shipping isn't a good feeling.  Never once did they answer my phone calls and I had to get Amazon involved for them to answer my emails.  Eventually they sent me an email with the tracking number the day it arrived.  Trash. Whatever.

Look how damaged the lens box was....
You can see the further edge of the box is crushed as well.  The lens box was put into another box that had one slim sheet of bubble wrap on top of it.  Bush league.

Here's how the packaged the camera. Listen if this all cost me $10 I wouldn't give a shit but this is sensitive camera equipment come on.

Another super thin sheet of bubble wrap was placed on top for whatever reason.

To wrap things up I got a full refund from them which remarkably was the easiest part of this whole ordeal and I purchased everything from Amazon directly which was a much nicer experience.

Jan 9, 2018

The Whole Setup is Here!

eDigital is still a shady company in my eyes.  They literally gave me 7 word emails regarding my missing items.  Thankfully everything arrived....only one thing though.  The packaging was so trash.  All the edges of every box are crushed to some degree.  I'm really thinking of sending it all back but I'm super stoked to have everything I may just say screw it and keep it all. I inspected everything pretty thoroughly and there's no physical damage to the lens of camera.  So we good to go.  Cya at the beach soon.

Jan 5, 2018

Sending Camera Back

eDigital USA (Amazon Seller) sent me the completely wrong order and they are the most difficult people to get in touch with.  I'm not saying don't order anything from them on Amazon but be extremely careful when you do.  This has been a nightmare.

UPDATE 1:  Here's everything that's missing that I ordered:

An invoice or receipt.  Yup they didn't even send me any kind of paperwork.
Nikon 200-500 Lens = Missing
Nikon Battery Pack = Missing
2 Sony Memory Cards = Missing
Extra Camera Battery = Missing

Also the packaging was very suspect.  Many small accessories were loose.  The box they shipped the camera in was nearly the same size as the Nikon camera box.  There was only room for a thin layer of bubble wrap one ONE SIDE of the box.  That's how small this shipping box was.

In all, over $2000.00 worth or product is missing from my order.  It completely blows my mind they didn't even send an invoice.  

Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with Amazon Concierge Care and they were extremely helpful.  Now I need to wait for eDigital to contact me back. Their policy is 2 business days to get back in touch with customers.  Guess I'm waiting till next week.....
Dec 25, 2017


EDIT 1 12/28: Camera isn't arriving until tomorrow (12/29).  Another issues is I'm working 8a-8P and the cam has to be signed for.  ugh..... I'm trying to get it sent to the FedEx Ship Center so I can pick it up on my lunch break.  

 I said screw it and dropped a ton of money on a new set up.  Everything is coming in on the 28th this month!  If you look at my last post I claimed the same thing but ran into some major issues that I don't want to talk about.  We're all good now and we'll be perfect on the 28th when my new setup comes in!!! Take a look at the pic below so see whats coming in!!!!!!! So pumped up!
Nike D500 with a 200-500mm and Grip
(Bought another lens as well not pictured)

Cya at the beach soon! 

Dec 14, 2015

It's Been Way too Long

Almost 6 years ago to the day I started Folly Surf Photography.  I was only one of two other surf photographers on the beach.  You probably don't even know their names.  It was a different time.  Once the blog got some traction a lot of other people grabbed a camera and began to shoot.  Now we have a small handful of really great photographers.  You know who you are and you guys probably know their names.  I'm happy to say it's been awesome to witness how far the local photography scene has come.

On average I still get 1000 views per week.  No idea why because ever since my camera got stolen way back in 2013 I haven't posted shit.  I took some serious time off from everything when that happened.

But a big change is about to come once again to Folly.  Remember how I put the Washout on Surfline, Surfer, and The Surfers Journal? Be patient, I'm coming back.

I can't wait to start taking more photos like this.  Hurricane Earl September 2010.